Drop Shades

Drop shades are an important compliment to patio covers, because drop shades complete the sun control objective by shading the low sun, early and late in the day.  These can consist of a very simple hand-cranked roller shade or they can be motorized utilizing solar or house power, and controlled by a smart phone app.  We have many color and shading options to suit every situation.

Drop Shades For Patio Covers

Patio shades reduce solar heat gain, UV damage and glare, among having other benefits.  We’ve Partnered with a local manufacturer to ensure quality product and reliable delivery.  We confidently offer roll-down Drop Shades and Zipper Track shades for selected applications, typically when installed in coordination with a patio cover.  At this time, we do not offer retractable awnings, rolling shutters or other related products. We simply can’t promise quality product or installation of these at this time, but we’ll happily refer you to others if that’s what you need.