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Motorized Louvered Patio Covers

We offer the smart shade solution for homeowners that are serious about controlling their environment to maximize their outdoor lifestyle!  Do you prefer direct sun, indirect sun, or even shade?  It's all under your control with our motorized louvered patio covers.  You also get rain protection for your furnishings and other property while you enjoy Arizona's dramatic thunderstorms without having to retreat indoors.  These covers can also accommodate high wind loads.  We feature the best, top-quality brands such as SolstisCardinal Architectural, Equinox and Solara, all while fitting these to your budget and needs.  

Aluminum Lattice Pergolas and Patio Covers

Aluminum is a lightweight yet durable metal uniquely suited to the harsh Arizona environment. The products we use feature a natural wood grain effect so they look like painted wood but are virtually maintenance free. Some of the most notable features of the products we sell are:

  • Termite and insect proof
  • No painting needed
  • Resists the effects of sun, rain and wind
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Quality construction
  • Highly customizable

Aluminum Window Awnings

Everyone has that window that lets in too much sunshine at the wrong time of day. That can effectively cordon off a part of your space for a number of hours every day depending on angle and exposure. Window awnings offer an effective solution. With a quality installation they can filter direct sunshine when it is at its worst. Our window awnings can help you reclaim even your interior frontier 365 days a year!

Solid Covers and Carports

We can not only provide products that help you to enjoy your space and environment more, we can also help when it comes to protecting cars, RVs and other vehicles.  Solid covers and carports provide an excellent and long-term solution to protect your outdoor property from the elements.

Shades to Compliment Cover Structures

A quality patio cover provides great protection when the sun is overhead, but often the hottest part of the day is when the sun is setting. We can help with that too by providing options for pull down and motorized shade solutions that will integrate seamlessly with your new patio cover.