Memo To Customers


Our suppliers in California have resumed production and believe they have credentials in place to continue in compliance with CDC guidelines.  This means that we can now resume contracting new jobs with confidence of completion well before the worst of the summer heat.

More than ever, we are eager to serve you in designing the perfect patio improvement.  Please call or email to make an appointment for a complimentary design consultation.


Yesterday we learned that our primary suppliers were forced to stop work at their California facilities.  As of this writing we have secured materials for 19 jobs.  Our team will remain diligent to complete these jobs over the next two or three weeks. 

We’re hoping that before we run out of materials, these suppliers will be able to resume production, and we’ll avoid delay to any of our contracted jobs.  But until we confirm that material supply chain has been restored, we cannot accept deposits on new contracts.  Frankly, I just don’t feel comfortable entering a contract without confidence about when we can complete the work.

If you are contemplating a new patio cover of any sort, our sales team is eager to Partner with you in design, and our office staff is fully equipped to process the permitting in anticipation of a restored supply chain.  Please don’t hesitate to call and schedule a complimentary design consultation.  We’ll respect your health and space while providing industry leading design and construction expertise.

MARCH 19, 2020

To our Valued Customers: 

Perhaps like you, I’ve been consuming more news reports than ever before… certainly more than I’d like, but being well informed and equipped to serve our employees and customers through the COVID-19 pandemic requires no less.  My current conclusions are: 

  • Corona virus poses a real risk to our loved ones and community.   
  • Intelligent (vs emotional) and sophisticated (vs simplistic) actions will ensure we weather this storm. 
  • Reasonable commerce and employment should continue where safe.  Here’s an article that articulates this about construction in particular

I and our team feel fortunate that our business naturally lends itself to serving without compromising the health of our customers, or our team.  We are continuing with our proven processes to design, permit, and install the Valley’s best shade systems.  Other businesses face far greater challenges these days, and that is sobering to be sure.  At Patio Partners, we’ve implemented a few changes out of an abundance of caution and we remain open and hopeful to serve you.  Our design consultations will be conducted without entering homes, and with a friendly and respectful adherence to the recommended three-foot separation while outside discussing your shade needs.  Our permitting arrangements are either entirely or partially electronic and involve far less interaction with City staffers.  And while our installers have always worked outside and without much (if any) customer interaction, they now have further guidelines about that.  

Importantly, I want to ensure you that our team (Ken, Clark, Lyndon, Jamie, Vanessa, Conner, Brandon, Paul, Mike, Larry and Chad) are more efficient than ever.  We don’t control permitting offices, but we’re managing the process with virtually zero slack time.  Material deliveries have been consistent, and installations have been prompt and professional.  Bottom line – jobs are progressing as efficiently as ever… Your Shade is On the Way!  Beyond that, we feel truly blessed to be able to continue to employ and be employed in these extraordinary times.  

If you’re not yet a customer, be assured we’re ready to Partner with You to build that necessary shade structure before the summer heat hits. 

Thank you, God bless, and be well! 

Gary Blakeslee 

President of Patio Partners