Your Equity

Your home is likely your most significant investment.  Your yard and patio are YOUR frontier!  But are you making the most of your space?  Do you find the weather, be it monsoon rains or harsh sunshine limiting your outdoor enjoyment?  You do not have to let the elements deprive you.  We can help you reclaim your frontier for 365 days a year!

In addition to enjoyment, there is also value, as in real estate value.  You have probably run the numbers on your home’s estimated worth with online tools.  Zillow can provide a reasonable estimate of your property’s value with their Zestimate tool.  If your interior space is worth say $200 per square foot, wouldn’t a patio that you enjoy the whole year round be worth a small fraction of that amount?  We build outdoor patios that cost from $15 – $50 per square foot, depending on size, configuration and function.  Nearly all of our structures are built with maintenance-free aluminum for long-term enjoyment and real estate value.